The Perfect Calling! Vaishno Devi

Some day in first week of February (2015), just after I made my Tea and picked up the newspaper, I was delighted to see the Golden Temple in the first page of Baroda Times and had a thought, probably I should plan a visit soon. Soon after I headed to work and one of my colleagues told me about her trip to Vaishno Devi & Amritsar and asked me if I wanted to join. I called my sister right away to ask if she was interested and what she told me surprised me even more, the very morning she saw something about Vaishno devi in news and thought about taking a trip soon.

Three days later, on 8th of Feb, Sunday, we packed our bags and boarded a special train from Vadodara to Jammu along with some 2000 visitors. As it is being believed that the Divine Mata sends a call to her children and once a person receives it, is bound to visit the Mother to receive the blessings. So here we were on the way! Our train journey was awesome with the enchants of Jai Mata Di, Bhajans and delicious simple food. We reached Amritsar on Tuesday morning by 8:00 am. We were supposed to be back at the railway station at 10:00 pm, so we had a day in Amritsar.

Read my one day Amritsar trip here:

A day in Amritsar

Same night we moved ahead for Jammu and reached the next morning.From Jammu we all moved to our alloted buses and by 11 AM we reached our destination -Katra. The next morning, we started by 7:00 am for our on-foot journey which is a total of 14.5 km distance, from Katra to Bhairon Ghati. We were lucky enough that there was very less crowd and we reached Bhawan very smoothly by 1:00 PM,or it is always hours of long wait thats what fellow travellers said. After very easily getting through Bhawan we had our lunch and started further for Bhairon Ghati.We reached Bhairon after taking some good breaks around some 4:00 PM.The sight at the Bhairon was breathtakingly awesome with some snow all around the mountains.


At Vaishno Devi
At Bhairo

After spending an hour there we started again by taking slow walks and rested more to ensure we could reach back hotel easily without getting much exhausted. On the way while our return we saw and met many enthusiasts who shared their journey experiences and there was no sign of weariness in them. Probably it’s the blessing that Mata showers on her devotees which gives so much energy to people. We also had a glimpse of a very beautiful sunset.

The view of Katra in the night while coming down was astonishing and make sure not to give it a miss while you plan your trip to Vaishno devi. We reached back our Hotel by 12:30 in the night and slept tight as we had to leave Katra the next morning to board our Train at 1:00 PM from Jammu to Vadodara.

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