The Picturesque Dakor!!

A sunny morning road trip with colleagues to this small city in Kheda district “Dakor”, is very well known for the famous Ranchodraiji temple.

How to reach: Dakor can be easily reached from Vadodara ( 78 kms), Ahmedabad (90 kms) as state travels runs multiple buses to this Holy Place. The Temple is situated near the bank of the Lake Gomti in the midst of the main Bazaar of dakor. Many devotees reach this place on every full moon day of the month.

History : There’s a interesting tale of a devotee named Bodana, from Dakor who used to walk to Dwarka on every full moon night to worship Shri krishna till the age of 72, as after that it became difficult for him due to his age. Pleased with this devotion, Lord Krishna then came to his dreams and told that he need not walk all the way to Dwarka as he had decided to accompany him and stay with him in Dakor. Sharad Purnima, which comes after end of Navratra, is the day believed on which Lord come to Dakor to fulfill the promise that he will come to Dakor with Bodana.

The Trip : We reached the temple by 11 am and it was a 10 minute walk from where we placed our Car. The walk fascinated me as the place looked like an old city comprising of very old houses, some of them even wooden. We passed through a Gate, the bazaar, the Gomati lake. The temple was not very crowded that day, lucky us. We easily got in and the darshan was pretty quick for us. After the temple darshan we went to the Gomti lake. We had the famous Gotas and dahi, also did some street shopping.

I captured the old city from my digicam, not a good photographer though trying to get better at it.

Road Trip!!
The cutting chai on the highway
The Tractor!
The Gate
The Street
An old building
The Market
Old House..
Gomati Lake
Gomati Lake
Gomati Lake

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