Abode of Tranquility, Dharamshala

After having many new year resolutions and failing every time in it, this year I decided to make it other way.  Exploring and seeing new places was always in my wishlist, but somehow I was not doing it very often, for no reason. So this year at the start I wrote down all that I wanted to do, see, and explore in my diary and Dharamshala ofcourse making it to the list. After a 10 days of stupendous and tiring himalayan trek – Chanderkhani pass, that I did in May-2015, when everyone rushed to Manali for the Summit celebration, I chose Dharamshala and yes what a escape it was!

It was a tiring bus journey, I , along with one of my trek mates reached Dharamshala around 5 pm. Soon after checking in to our hotel, we rushed to the market, had some tibetan street food, explored the local bazaar and decided to go back to hotel and take some rest. After a good sleep, I got up early by 5 next morning and caught this sight from my hotel Balcony. I kept on gazing for some 20 minutes, what a bliss it was. I could not resist and took a solo morning walk to the empty roads.

Morning view from Hotel!

We decided not to run much, and chose to relax and chill. The Stadium was not be missed for sure, so the first thing was to reach the Himachal Pradesh Crictet stadium. Being a cricket crazy myself, I was always awe of this place whenever any matches were held here. I just could not stop looking around, the view of the fog and the mountains just behind the stadium made it look like a little heaven all painted in wonderful colors.



Mcloedganj, 4 km from the Dharamshala town, was totally a delight. It is the residence of Dalai Lama and is one the most visited places of Himachal along with Manali. I loved walking over the streets, with so many Tibetans around. This place is hub to monasteries, temples, schools, and meditation centers. A large number of foreign tourists are attracted because  of the strong presence of the Buddhist culture.


I only had a day so the places I could catch up was the stadium, the Dalai Lama temple and then roaming around in Mcloedganj Market.


For next visit I have already made the list of things to do in Mcloedganj:

Masroor temple :- A temple believed to be built by the Pandava brothers.

Triund :- A 9,000-foot ridge behind the Dhauladhar range, nine- kilometre trek for a day.

Dharamkot Village : A village set between large pine trees and forests.

Tibetan Children’s Village

Dal Lake

Kangra Art Musuem

And yes definitely I am taking a visit again soon to this place.

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