5 Reasons why Kasol is a perfect Hippie’s Destination!

During a Trekking Expedition that I took in May 2015, I was lucky to escape a day with my trekmates to one of India’s Hippie’s Paradise “Kasol“.

If you are searching for one crazy destination, away somewhere in the mountains, a total disconnect from the daily life, Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect getaway. I traveled to Goa last year, but this was one complete different experience. Why I compare Goa with Kasol, as you see a lot of foreigners here giving you the “foreign wala” feeling just like in Goa.

I wish I knew or read a little more about this place before I visited it so I could have come back exploring it best, every corners, interacted with the locals, got some good pictures. But no regrets, I am running anytime soon, good that my bags are always packed, Seriously.

So it was the first day of our camp in Chanderkhani and we escaped to Kasol.

You get to see a lot of trekkers gathering here, before or after their trekking camps to chill out. Our basecamp was at Seobagh, from where we took a jeep to reach kullu. From Kullu we took a bus which is some 1 hour and 30 minutes journey, close to 37 kms.

Reaching Kasol :

Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh, northern India. It is situated in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran. It is located 42 km east of Kullu at the height of 1640 meters (Source Wikipedia)

Frequent buses are available from Manali and Kullu.

Distance from

Kullu 37 Kms
Manali 75 Kms
Delhi 535 Kms

I did not stay here, but a day spent was well spent.

Read my 5 reasons below why it call it a perfect Hippie’s stay…

1) Israelis :  Also known to be as the Mini Israel of India, you are going to get a feeling of having landed in a foreign location the very moment you are here. Home of many Israelis who come here after their compulsory military service in Israel and then end up staying here because of the serene atmosphere and hospitality of the locals.

Pic Source – Tripoto

2) Heaven for Stoners : Believed to be known as smokers paradise, from marijuana to weeds, you don’t have to even ask for it and you get it. Wild Charas, a hand made hashish made from the Cannabis is easily and in plenty available here. If you are craving for a “HIGH” life completely then you are at the right place. Don’t be surprised if you spot some smoking Baba’s here.

I remember while walking over the very famous Kasol bridge, some foreigners offered us to smoke and very politely we said “No” to them.

Pic Source – IndiaMike

3) A Budget Place: From Hotels to Food, you will find good and very cheap deals here, need to be little smart in bargaining though. The food is said to be very delicious here and the cafes are just the ones you need never want to leave. You may also find internet cafes, cheap lodging places, western style cafes very easily here.

We had some really good Momos here and then also dodged into a very cool cafe  known as ” Stone Garden”.

Check out Hotel options as in Tripadvisor

Stone Garden

4) The Mountains : Located in the Parvati Valleys, on the banks of the Parvati river , this place will definitely make you forget about the beaches.

The beauty of the mountains in the midst of the Parvati river is a total bliss.

Pic Souce - Travel India
Pic Source – Travel India

5) The Perfect Do – Nothing Place :-  Soon you will realize you are doing nothing here. LOL!! Actually yes!!! This is a very small village but full of life. The perfect place to switch off completely. I only wish it was somewhere close to my city and I could run away every weekend 🙂

You will mostly find people lost here, enjoying that “High life”. Go find it yourself.

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