Why train Journeys are awesome ?

So you thought train journeys are hectic, boring  and time consuming ?

Did you ever cling to the doors of a train to see the beauty of a new place??

Did you stop by or got down at every station the train stopped by??

I did it.

Recently I was on a trip to the majestic Dudhsagar Waterfalls at the Goa-Karnataka Border, but this post is not about the Waterfalls but the amazing train journey that I had covered to reach there.

I spent almost 45 hours in train travelling for some mere 5 hours of the Dudhsagar Rail trek. I returned awestruck not just because of the view of the gigantic Dudhsagar; but also the picturesque views that I got from the train, passing through the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa.

The monsoon was a thumbs up, which made the green more serene and tranquil.

I should also call out for the Indian railways that serves countless people everyday in taking to their destinations.

All pictures below are captured from the moving train.





Always …”Ladies first”
So cute..I loved her..met her in the Chennai Express!!
Two Sides… @ Vasai Road





6 thoughts on “Why train Journeys are awesome ?

  1. Train travel is the absolute best. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Russia and India by train and it’s always a wonderful experience. You see so much more and meet so many fascinating people. I try to travel by train once in a while here in the States, but the time to cost ratio generally doesn’t make sense.

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