The enchanting ghats of Pushkar

I came back from my 3 day Pushkar trip and many people asked me what did I do 3 days in Pushkar. I only thought these people never saw Pushkar, or probably never saw what I saw in Pushkar!

Pushkar is a small village, hence people come with such questions, but if you are someone you loves exploring the tiny streets, find solace at the ghats, like to see and know how people follow their rituals, then it is your place.

I stayed at Zostel and reaching ghats from there was like some 1.5 kms walk. It took me 10 minutes to reach the ghats. I was solo, but the presence of many travel enthusiasts like me gave me company.

I sat and looked at everything around; the people, the birds, the Pujaris. I could hear the birds singing. I felt some connection with the place. I just wanted to sit and observe everything around me. Its not the comforts and luxuries always, sometimes you get connected to very simple things around. It just happened to me. I felt connected with the birds, the people, the place. I found happiness.

It was only me and my Camera, that thing I use to capture my moments. I sat there for long and kept gazing at the lake. It was time for the sunrise and birds started chirping more now. The beauty of the sun coming up, the birds dancing never looked so beautiful.

I got up and started walking. I saw people bathing in that chilling morning at the lake. The Pandits shouted at anyone who walked with the shoes/slippers on the ghats. People were busy with their rituals. It is considered holy to take a dip at the lake during these 5 days (Pushkar Fair) that is celebrated from the Karthik Ekadashi to Karthik Purnima. Lakhs of people take bath in the sacred waters of Pushkar on the full moon day which is considered to be an auspicious day.

Soon I reached the same place where I started. I just completed my parikrama at the ghat. I sat again. I never saw a beautiful morning than this earlier. I would always choose disconnected places like the mountains or the jungles. I liked depeopled places more. But inspite of the crowd I found peace here, there was noise here, still I found solace.

I visited Pushkar solo in November 2015, during the Pushkar Fair, but the ghats was an enchanting experience which is definitely taking me back to the place.

I am trying to get better in telling stories about the moments I experience with my travels or click good pictures to show people what I saw, but that is never going to do any justice to what I actually experienced.

The great traveler Marco Polo himself said, “I have only told the half of what I saw!”

Aqua M5_20151121_073004


I will be coming up with few more posts on Pushkar, till then check out my previous posts :

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Visited Pushkar in November 2015

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