Reviewed : Tibetan Kitchen : Pushkar

Tibetan Kitchen

Where : Opp Dadudura temple, Chhoti Basti, Pushkar 305022

During my visit to Pushkar while roaming around in the market, we had to get into this little roof top Tibetan restaurant which caught our eyes and I ended up going twice there in 3 days.

Mr. RK, the owner of the restaurant greeted us well and shared many of his life experiences while we ordered our food.

We went during the brunch time, so we did not see much rush. I only wished the Wifi was a little faster. The Location of the restaurant is perfect,  just in the middle of the market and since it is small , anyone will be able guide you to reach your destination in case you don’t know your place. So try asking.

What I tried : Fried Momos – Thukpa – Tibetan Thali – Vegetable Rice

Below is my review :

Ambience ****

Food ****

Location ****

Service ***1/2

Wifi **1/2

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124 1

RK- The owner78







8 thoughts on “Reviewed : Tibetan Kitchen : Pushkar

  1. In general, i did not like the restaurants in Pushkar. They cater to the foreigners, and they dance around them like idiots
    The food is generally sad


    1. well thats the story at many places in India…cant help it..But I liked the food here..and the owner treated us pretty well inspite of other foreigners at his restaurant


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