10 Intriguing photos from Pushkar !!


Pushkar is so colorful, you will agree if you have been. I could not stop myself from sharing more pictures from this small place I visited in November 2015 and these are actually intriguing.

Read also the below posts I wrote about Pushkar, if you are planning to visit this place anytime soon.


Ghats of Pushkar

Pushkar Fair

Streets of Pushkar

Faces from Pushkar

Kulhad , Hot Milk
Vendor preparing the Hot Milk
Vendor with his food Stall at the Pushkar Fair
Rangoli Colors
A Barber Shop
A Snake Charmer
A Vegetable Vendor at the Fair
A Local
A woman lights up the “diya” in the evening
A yellow Royal enfield

20 thoughts on “10 Intriguing photos from Pushkar !!

  1. Beautiful photos. Pushkar was one of my favorite places in India mainly because it was a nice, mellow break after Delhi, Agra and Jaipur!

    I like the shot of the vendor pouring the milk and the man smiling behind him. Nice capture.

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