How to make a Budget trip to Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav celebrated every year at Kutch, Gujarat is a celebration of festivities and culture.

This festival is celebrated every year in winters for more than two months. The dates for the last season being : 18th Nov 2015 – 23rd Feb 2016.

The white Rann

I wanted to be at the Rann festival this (2015-2016) season, and make it a budget trip but many told me about the costly stay options available there. I did check with few of my budget traveler friends who suggested to stay back at Bhuj. That’s how  I planned my trip.

Travel Expenses : Book train tickets in advance, the sleepers class or 3rd AC class anyone which fits in.

I booked my train tickets from Vadodara to Bhuj, sleeper’s class, January being winters, sleeper class were no issues. One way Rs 250*2, so it was  around 600 Rs i e less than 10 $ for the train tickets.

Stay and Hotel : There are few budget Hotels in the city. Bhuj is not a huge city, so during the Rann festival, the hotels are packed. You will find hotels around 500/- Rs per day which are good enough to stay.

If you want to stay at home stays and enjoy the local culture, you can go to the nearby villages.One of the options I had was to contact Malsinbhai – 09408619043, lives in a nearby village called Gorwewali, 5-6 km away from Rann. A friend who also visited Rann last season gave me his number. Malsinbhai has some home stay options.

I got my Hotel bookings done at Anjali Hotel. Read the reviews of the Hotel here. This is strictly a Budget Hotel and I got my room at 500 rs per night. The single rooms are very small. They do have canteen facilities. If you are travelling with friends or solo and only need a place to sleep and keep your baggage, this is good. I stayed here two nights. The next day I shifted with another friend and called for an extra bed. You can also save here further by taking extra beds and adjusting with your friends which is more fun.I paid Rs 850 for two nights, less than 13 $.

Rann Utsav : Reaching Rann Utsav from your place/hotel would always be by private vehicles, that’s what I thought. If you are staying anywhere in Bhuj you will have to travel a minimum of 80 kms and atleast 1 hour. If you are looking for cheap ways of reaching the Rann, check out with the hotel staff for the local bus tours operating in the city who arrange one day trip to the Rann Utsav. Or try searching in the local newspapers, this is what brought us a great deal. It included below along with the Border charges at only Rs 550/- per head. The best thing was it was a full moon night which turned out to be a priceless deal for us.

Captured just before the Sunset

1) Black Hill, known as Kala Dungar

Black Hill or Kala Dungar

2) India Bridge

3) Lunch at the Toran Resort

Toran Resort ( above and below)


4) Rann Utsav at Dhorado (reached around 4 pm and spent the entire evening)



If you look at my primary expenses, travel+stay and Rann Utsav was done in less than 2000 Rs i e 30 $.

There are of course a lot of things to do in and around Bhuj, but if you really want to make a tight budget trip, without spending much there are always ways to do that. Such ways allows us to travel more and if you call yourself a budget traveler you know what I mean.

If you want to plan this year 2017-18, keep checking the official Rann website for more information.

If you have been to Rann Festival already, and have tried any other good options worth telling the travelers, Please do share.

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5 thoughts on “How to make a Budget trip to Rann Utsav

  1. Hi! many tour operators have told me that one cannot participate in the Rann Utsav if we dont stay in the tents. Could you please tell me how to go to the rann utsav without having to stay at the Tent city?


    1. Nope, you can see the desert without participating in the Rann Utsav however you cant see the Rann utsav and enter the tent city, thats the difference!


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