How Solo Travel can get you to travel more!!

Before I started travelling frequently, I had my major trips with family and little bit with friends like most of us do.

Family travels is supposed to be somewhat of luxury travel. As you travel with parents, you need to keep a check on the hotel and the hotel amenities, way of transport, food etc. Its more sort of a planned trip and you know about your stay, the places of interest you would see, well in advance. About my family trips, I always have been a bit more fast, so I had to match up with my parent’s speed while exploring the places. I wanted to try the street and local food, while they enjoyed sitting at a good restaurant. During family trips you need to be patient and take care of your family’s interest.

My first major trip with friends was to Goa, where I was with few other friends. It was a crazy trip but I saw my interests clashing with others. I wanted to explore the local streets and night market, while others wanted to relax at the beach.

At Calangute Beach with Friends – Feb 2013

Those days when I read about Solo Travelling, I thought it is for crazy people, “How can someone go out alone? They must be crazy people, I thought !!

In about one year’s time, I have had a bunch of Solo trips :- Dharamshala-Mcloedgunj, Pushkar Fair, Rann of Kutch,a Himlayan Trek and I have good reason why I think it is more fun.

  • You are the master of the ShipSolo travels allows you to plan as per your interests and time. At times you want to go as early as 5:00 clock for the sunrise and sometime roam around late exploring the local streets. You will always find folks with similar interests. I went to Pushkar in Nov 2015, where I met some folks from Delhi and had amazing time wandering with them till late night. You get an opportunity to find out like-minded people. You can do things you want, they way you want. You are alone but never lonely.


  • Sometimes no plan is the Best plan: Solo travelling is also great for lazy souls. You may not want to wake up early mornings or follow any planned schedule. Just wake up when you want to, go out, explore, eat, come back and sleep. Not having any plan also gives the advantage of not missing out any planned thing.


At 72 Jinalaya Temple, Mandvi – Jan 2016
  • Becomes an economical tripYou can stay in budget hotels, dormitories, guest houses, use local transport, shared taxis and hence save pocket full of money which you can’t while travelling with family. I have managed to do a lot of weekend trips in the same budget I use to spend in going out for may be two weekends where I only watched movie + popcorn + lunch (at any good restaurant ) + window shop, that later became reality shopping. My one day trip to Palitana temples would have cost me less than Rs 1500 (23 $) inclusive of transport, lodging etc.


  • Meeting like-minded people  : Traveling with family and group may not allow you to mingle with other groups more. I have experienced this, when I am with group of people, the travel becomes limited within your same group and chances of mixing with other groups reduces. However when you are Solo, you meet different like-minded people and come back making lots of friends.



At the Zostel Pushkar with the Delhi Gang – Nov 2015

  • If you wait, you keep on waiting forever: Most importantly, I have seen when we plan trips with friends and groups, the trips gets delayed or postponed because of some or other reason due to dependency on others, most of the times the trips not happening at the first place.

If you wait for people, you would never get to go out and see places – prime reason why Solo Travel is simply awesome.

When all the reasons accumulated together, it can get you to travel more. So what are you waiting for!!

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