About Lakes and Forests : Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a small town in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is an easy getaway for Delhi locals during the weekends, specially during the summers. While many head to Nainital to escape the scorching heat, a day in and around Bhimtal should be considered too.

Beautiful Sattal Lake on an evening

A nature’s paradise, Bhimtal is rich in flaura, fauna, different species of birds etc. 

I was reaching here just few weeks after the major fire that spread in Uttarakhand in April 2016, the tragedy, I am sure every Indian nature lover followed. The forest fires burnt 3,500 hectares (8,600 acres) of forest as per the forest department. Nearly 1,600 incidences of fires were detected which were brought under control by 2 May. The rains on 3 May further helped in reducing the impact of fires.

I reached Kathgodam on the 16th of May. The Kathgodam railway station was so neat and clean, left us dumbstruck, I am pretty sure, I never saw a more clean railway station earlier.

First impressions of Uttarakhand gave us good vibes – Pic taken by Tripmate Sonal Khunt.


We checked into the KMVN Hotel. We already had done prior bookings for our stay. The hotel was good and clean. We were so tired after our 15 hour train from Baroda-Delhi and then again from Delhi to Kathgodam, that we only wanted to reach and sleep at our hotels.

Next day we headed to Bhimtal.

Distance : 41 min (20.4 km) via Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani Road

I loved the way our rented Tavera moved up and our driver showed up the lakes that came on the way. We got down at Sattal Lake in the morning, Some had lemon juice, others had tea and moved in.

 What to do at Sattal Lake?
  • Kayaking
  • River Jumping
  • Food
  • Go Birding
  • Camping

I tried Kayaking and had some amazing Dal-Chawal and Chawal ka Kheer, could’not resist had to share.


I came here with a doubt in mind after the fires, but I saw nothing that made me regret my visit. The green, nature, dense forests, birds are always enthralling. The loss that such disastrous incidents do to nature is unaccountable. Though such instances are unfavorable and unwanted, we need to move ahead and spread awareness among people to protect our forests.

I was with a gang of bird lovers, and what a delight it was being with them. These amazing passionate people have the skill to spot birds of any size and color at any distance with their naked eyes. I wondered how they did that!




Sometimes I wished to go on embark on trips where I can explore the forests for days and listen to the chirping birds, without remembering to go back and start my desk job again.

But we have to come back and so did I.

We headed to Garud Tal, Naukuchia Tal and at the end Bhimtal lake.

Garud Tal or Panna Tal

There was a group of Boys singing song at the other end at Garud Tal.

At the end was a calm evening at the Bhimtal Lake, some had maggi, others just relaxed. We had a birthday in our gang, so a celebration followed which was fun.

Celebrations at Bhimtal

We almost took an entire trip on foot of the Bhimtal lake in search of a Cake shop.

There is one Aqua Museum in the middle of the lake which can be explored via boating. There is also a Shiv temple close to the lake known as Bhimeshwar temple. It is said to be a very old temple and built by Bhim during Pandavas stay here.

We decided to return to Kathgodam and have our dinner there. Some had street food, others enjoyed meal at the Kathgodam Railway Station. You can get food food options here.

Temple Area
Aqua Musuem

How has been your experience about visiting lakes?  Do you have any stories to share?

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15 thoughts on “About Lakes and Forests : Bhimtal

  1. Found my way here through Polomi’s reblog of this article! I have never been there but these pictures are so stunning that I might plan a trip ASAP! Looks serene…
    Do pay me a visit when you get a moment…Cheers!

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