Why I want to go to Amritsar again!!

It was supposed to be a hectic day in Amritsar.We were heading to Katra, Jammu for Vaishno devi trip and had to catch the train at 9 pm same day. I knew what I did not want to miss here since it was my first time.

  • The Golden Temple
  • Wagah Border
  • Local food and streets

While we arrived at the Railway Station in the morning, we managed to find rooms at a Dharamshala just opposite to the Deep Sing Darbar Gurudwara.

The view from the 4th Floor

We were here till for some hours to get fresh and then headed to the Deep Sing Darbar Gurudwara, just on the other side of the road.

Street view from our window

We reached the Golden temple by 1:00 pm and was completely awed by the first look of the holy temple. We took some time to sit and get into the peaceful environment of the place. What an serene and blissful atmosphere!!

The combination of white and gold was majestic, tranquility in the air, contentment on people’s faces was truly visible. We visited the main temple also known as “Hari Mandir” which is surrounded by a pool of sacred water. After having the world renowned Guru Langar” that happens to the largest free eatery in the world, we bid adieu to the holy temple. We had to rush to reach Wagah Border before 4 pm and to be in time , we also gave Jallianwala Bagh a miss, which is on the way to Golden Temple.



The Wagah Border madness was awesome. We reached when the Parade already begun, but we weren’t late. If you have to get a good experience here, make sure to reach on time and get some good seats. The parade is once in a life time experience and all your patriotic feelings will be rejuvenated here.


Before catching the train, we headed to the market. The females did some shopping while I tried some local chats and street food.

It was first time to Amritsar and also Punjab. I can say Amritsar shows the vibrant and colorful city of our country that shines out to make our  India an “Incredible ” one. I want to go here again to

  • Feel the soulful energy again of the Golden temple.The temple is open 24 hours, I want to see how it looks like in the night or wee hours.
  • Experience the unbeatable madness of the Wagah Border again.
  • Food is one part, I could not explore much. I want to try all the local food there
  • Interact and mingle with the locals.

Have you been to Amritsar already ? Please let me how was your experience and what should I add to my Itinerary to make my second time a perfect one!

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14 thoughts on “Why I want to go to Amritsar again!!

  1. Jo bole so nihal, sat sri akal! Blessed to have visited twice, carried the palkhi in both, the morning and the evening. And at having partaken of the glorious food! Lovely city and the Temple is just so blissful and serene and has a calming energy about it.

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    1. Wagah is lil away from the city and you need to reach before 4 pm to get good seats. Nothing hard but good to have a group. You can get into any private vehicle going there from golden temple. Come back by 7 pm.


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