Captivating Photos from Pushkar


I was in Pushkar, the sacred town for hindus in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, in November 2015 and below are some of my pictures from my album.


You will find numerous temples in Pushkar, with vibrant colors, doors with artistic touch to them. One of the temples from the busy streets of Pushkar is below, the exteriors of the temple was colored in red. A little is boy seen chatting with a female visitor outside the temple who also is coincidentally dressed in red.


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Streets of Pushkar

This Barber shop “Baba Hair Dresser” caught my eye. Guys may like to go and check out. The shop also offers Ayurvedic Massage as you see.  Not sure if the man sitting out is “Baba” himself. Did you spot this shop while exploring the streets here ?


This picture happened was while taking a Camel ride. When the sun is about to set, the Pushkar fair is at its best. The camels, the owners, the travelers  would settle down a little after half of the day is gone. Looks like some are relaxing, some are discussing their day out, others are sipping tea.


A woman, vegetable vendor gazing at something or someone at one of mid-noon at the Fair. I liked how the different colors of vegetables made this picture more colorful. Hope it would have been a good day for her.


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One amazing melange of People, Cattles and Colors – The Pushkar Fair


I like food and I know you like it too. This is hot milk which is one of the hot selling food items in Pushkar . It is flavoured milk with cardemum and during the winters when the Fair is celebrated, it is a treat to have it. Before I tried it, I had to take a picture.


We were at the ghat after a good day at the Mela and exploring the streets. I liked to spend time at the ghats and watch others busy with there own things. Some were busy with the rituals, some chose to relax like us. It was then we saw these huge and colorful balloons going up. It was great fun to watch them.



When in Pushkar you get to see many faces, of different ages, coming from various countries. One of the Portraits I got to capture was of this aged man. I could not get to speak to him. Hope life is treating him well.


These three men from Israel did us some good entertainment at the streets. They performed a song, for some good 10 minutes and people out there did have fun. The interesting thing was they asked for 10 rs/-for clicking each picture with them.


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The enchanting ghats of Pushkar


This man owned a little shop at the Fair. I can make a guess he is carving out some kitchen items or may be farming items out of wood. What a tough job it seems like!! Life is life anyways!!


Let me know if you liked these pictures !!

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