A visit to the magnificent Modhera Sun Temple

If you are visiting Ahmedabad any time, make sure to work out with an itinerary that includes Modhera, just to witness the magnificent art work of stone – The Modhera Sun Temple.

Modhera Sun Temple is one of the most ancient and sublime heritage. I have been living and grown up in Gujarat, but could never make it to visit this temple until last year in July 2015, when I was able to pay a visit with my Family.

It is a hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God, “Surya” on the banks of the river Pushpawati . We took the expertise of a guide who explained us about the history and details of the temple architecture. I recommend the visitors to take one, as it is important to get to know the history along with exploring the temple. They will hardly charge you 200/- rs or less.

It was build in 1026 AD by king Bhimdev of Solanki dynasty. Prayers are not offered here as the statue of the Sun god no longer exists, and the  the temple is under the supervision of Archaeological survey of India.

  • Ramkund :Once you enter the main complex, you will come across the magnificent kund known as the Ramakund, built in rectangular shape containing 108 shrines to various gods and demi-gods. There are three main shrines positioned on the three sides of the Kund, dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu and an image of Lord Shiva doing the ‘tandav” dance facing the temple of the sun which covers the fourth side.
  • Sabha Mandap : This Mandap (Hall) of religious gatherings is a grand looking pillared hall and open from all sides. It has 52 complexly carved pillars representing 52 weeks in a year. The carvings depict episodes from the Hindu epics of Ramayan, Mahabharat and Krishna Lila (i.e., story of Lord Krishna). There is a beautiful hall with pillars and arches between the Sabha Mandap and the Sanctum sanctorum. The walls have 12 slots showing the different aspects of the Sun God in each month.
  • Main temple – Sanctum sanctorum – The temple is based on an inverted lotus-base plinth.

How to reach: 

Modhera is a village in the Mehsana district of Gujarat and very well known for the Sun temple. It is well connected to the various cities of Gujarat and the nearest railway station is Mehsana.

Distance from:

Mehsana – 26 kms, Ahmedabad-101 kms, Vadodara – 208 kms

Best time to visit – Any time. Though, summer is not very good time in Ahmedabad. If you are here in those months, i e March-June, try visiting early morning.  Every year after Uttarayan (Kite Festival) in January , a 3-day annual dance festival is organized by the the Gujarat Tourism with an objective to present classical dance forms in an atmosphere similar to that in which they were originally presented.




















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