Exploring the Rander Ramzan Bazaar of Surat

Ramzan (Ramadaan) is hugely awaited by the Food Lovers of India, to be specific, Non-veg Lovers. I did  hear a lot about the Rander Ramzan Bazaar, known to be the Mohammed Ali Road of Surat ( alike Mumbai). While I got a change to visit Surat during one of the weekends, this May, I locked this place as one of the must to see places here.

We reached the market around 8:00 pm, post Iftar when the stalls were being set up. I at first reached a sweet food stall and hoped not to go back without food. By the way I turned vegetarian two years back and was visiting the bazaar with two of my  Gujarati vegetarians photography passionate friends.

Place : Rander Ramzan Bazaar, Rander Police Line, Khidmat Nagar, Rander, Surat, Gujarat

Offers : Rangooni Paratha, Seekh kabas, chicken tandoori, foil chicken, boti kabaabs etc.

Who should go : Food lovers ( esp. Non Veg), Bloggers/Writers, Street Photographers. 



We moved ahead, it was Saturday and we saw good rush with different genres of people coming in. Apart from foodies, you will find lot of members from various photography clubs who come to explore the market with their cameras. I met few travel mates who I clashed during some trip who came to either fill their tummy or get something packed for dinner.



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The shopkeepers of Rander market are quite easy going and would cooperate with Photographers, they smile back and ask to click the items of their stalls and also answer if you have to ask them anything about the food. Be ready to get invites to taste the amazing delicacies from some of them.

There is some good energy flowing after the fast amongst the people and I could sense it. Three men are seen below having some fun conversation with each other. Looks like they sell spices.


More pictures of people from the market are below



The kids above and below looked happy and wanted me to click there pictures. I could often hear one or other kid slowly whispering “Hamara photo kichona” (Please click our pictures) and I was more than glad to do them the favour.





The young guy below got excited seeing us with a camera and asked if I would click his pictures. I requested him to show me how he makes those Cotton Candy and he happily did it for me. I took some pictures and said thank you.


I saw the girls with me were waiting for me outside. I joined them and we had the famous Alu Puri of Surat.


The time at the bazaar for me went well, colorful, vibrant. Not only foodies, it is a good place for culture explorers also.

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