A world heritage site: Champaner Pavagadh Archaelogical Park

Champaner – Pavagadh Archaelogical Park is located at some 50 kms from Vadodara. This site was included in the Unesco World heritages in the year 2004 and has 11 different buildings which includes mosques, wells, temples, tombs, walls etc  spread at distant locations in Champaner. The entire city was built in the late 15th century, in and around the the hills of pavagadh.


Sahar ki Masjid

Being a resident of Vadodara, I have been quite a few times to Champaner. The first time I remember was a good hike, we trekked from Machi through the jungle to reach Pavagadh. Last year in 2015 I did a quick bike trip to get some good pictures with a photography passionate friend.

Who should go : History/Art lover, Archaeology explorers, Photographers

Best time to go : If you are planning a special visit to Vadodara, avoid the summers (March to June ). If you make it here for some work do visit early morning after 9 am to avoid rush and sun. Anytime during the year is a good time to visit except the summers

How to reach : Champaner is located at a distance of 50 km from Vadodara, at the foothill of Pavagadh hill. You can get a cab from the city. Regular state buses from the Bus station are always available for Pavagadh.Vadodara’s airport is some 43 kms away and the railway station is at a distance of 50 kms from the Park.


Pavagadh is hill at a height of 800 metres is well known for the temple of Kalika Mata. It is one of the Shakti peetha and more often visited temples of Gujarat. You can reach there by foot, using the stairs or take the rope ways. If you are in a hurry, the rope ways is a good option as it is a big time saver. You may not enjoy walking as some on the way some of the places it may not be very clean and hygienic because of too many people reaching on festivals and full moon day. The devotees are seen reaching the temple by foot.

The Ropeway taking to the Pavagadh temple (above and below)


The Champaner-Pavagadh heritage site is spread over an area of more than 1,329 hectares  with a buffer zone of 2,812 hectares. I would therefore advise a cab as all the monuments are at different locations.

Some of the monuments are :

Jama Masjid

Lilii Gumbaz Masjid

Kevada Masjid

Sahar ki Masjid

Eastern fortress gate

Citadel Wall


Bawaman Mosque

Bawaman Mosque 
Bawaman Mosque
A fine work at Bawaman Mosque


Sahar ki Masjid
Amazing work at Sahar Ki Masjid
Inside the Sahar ki Masjid


Eastern Fortress Gate
A deserted place near Sahar ki Masjid




Have you been to Champaner ? Or visited any other world Heritage site ?

Please share as  I would love to see them.

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