Embark on a Trip to Tamil Nadu !

The most difficult task is to pick up one place when somebody asks me to name one place I haven’t been and would want to go.

I am like, can you really ask that question? Its an endless list undoubtedly.

But if I had to do it, I will pick up South India as I am yet to explore that part of India. Now real tough is to choose between Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andha Pradesh- All being my favorites. However after lot of difficulties, I would stamp  on Tamil Nadu.

Why Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu makes it to New York Times’ list of must-visit places in 2016!

So if you were not aware, Tamil Nadu has some great potential to attract both tourists and travelers, the reason why I have been counting days to be there myself. But I could not wait and I have already prepared my Itinerary before I reach.

I have planned a 6 day tour that includes:

  • Mahabalipuram – 1 Night
  • Pondicherry – 2 Nights
  • Rameswaram – 2 Nights
  • Kanyakumari – 1 Night

I Plan to leave on a Saturday so I return by a week’s time, take a days rest and can start my work from Monday. But why are we talking about work, lets take a trip to Tamil Nadu first.

I have been really longing to run to this state that offers amazing coastal locations, beautiful panoramic sunset and sunrise view, beautiful architecture, interesting culture and heritages.
Gorgeous sunset at Kanyakumari, visiting the architectural pieces of Mahabalipuram, getting the religious vibes of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in Rameshwaram and heavenly beaches at Pondicherry is for sure one great package for the travelers. So get ready, pack your bags and arrive at Tamilnadu to take a break from the daily life for this experience of a lifetime.

So I take a flight on a Saturday and reach Chennai the same day. Take some rest and if time permits I check out Chennai and few places in the City. Next day I take a Car/Bus and reach Mahabalipuram.

Distance from Chennai to Mahabalipuram : 56 kms via Coast Road, Time 1 hour 3o min approx


Pic Source : Wiki

Mahabalipuram, some 60 kms to the south of Chennai, was a major port during the ancient Pallava Kingdom. The ancient city is home to some amazing world heritage sites, temples and carvings that gives some splendid sunset views.

I would stay a day here and the places I could want to cover here are Shore temple, Arjuna Penance, Mandapams, Panch Rathas, Trimurthi Cave etc.

Distance from Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry : 99 kms via E Coast Road, Time 1 hour 45 min approx


Pic Source : Wiki

Welcome to the French Capital of India. Puducherry formerly known as Pondicherry was under French rule until 1954, and if you reach there you might still find people who speak french. Walking around the streets may give you an experience of visiting the french cities actually. The architecture, the hotels, restaurants, houses all resemble the french designs.

Places to see in Pondicherry:

Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple
Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple
Paradise Beach
Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges

Because I would want to explore the streets, food, and culture of the people here, I would want to stay here two days. Then I would move to Rameshwaram taking an overnight train. Wednesday morning I plan to reach Rameshwaram.

Distance from Pondicherry to Rameshwaram: 430 kms , Time 7 hours 30 min approx


Pic Source : Wiki

Rameshwaram is the pilgimage centre for the Indians. It is the place where Lord Rama built the bridge across the sea to free his wife Sita from her abductor Ravana. And this is also the place where Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse himself after killing Ravana. The Linga of Sri Ranganatha, happens to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India.

Places to visit in Rameshwaram:

Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge
Ramanathaswamy Temple
Pamban bridge
Jatayu Tirtham Temple
Jada Tirtham

Because I love the temples, I will need two days here, not sure I can cover them all.

Distance from Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari: 310 kms , Time 5 hours approx


Pic Source : Wiki

This city is the southern most point of the Indian Peninsula. One of the major centers of arts, culture and religion since the ancient times, it is located near the Western Ghats.

Places to visit in Kanyakumari:

The Kanyakumari Temple,
Vivekananda Rock Memorial,
Padmanabhapuram Palace

I prefer to relax a little during the end of the trip and finally by Saturday sometime late. I am back at Chennai and take a flight to return to my City Vadodara.

Header Pic Credit : http://www.tamilnaduonline.in

Please do tell me if you have visited Chennai earlier and how was your experience. I am for sure going to be there soon and will come back with lots of stories to share.


27 thoughts on “Embark on a Trip to Tamil Nadu !

  1. This architecture is a constant source of wonder to me – it speaks so clearly of Indian genius and tolerance. Alas, I shall never stand beneath those towers to admire their intricacy and the love that created them. But thank you so much for the pictures. they are brilliant!


  2. Tamil Nadu is now reduced to a Tourist destination only. The great Pallava empire is forgotten. In History books of Tamil Nadu no mention of Pallava rule or their contribution. More than sox centuries the Tamil Nadu was ruled by Pallava dynasty. They went to far east and Sri Lanka.

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