100 year old restaurant “Pancham Pooriwala” – in Mumbai

It was a rainy Sunday in Mumbai, I wanted to check out few street food and local markets. But the rain played foul to my plans. I was staying near to CST and it was about lunch time. The rains didn’t stop and I had to cancel all my Plans. Another roommate, who I met in Mumbai had to repair her mobile phone. On asking few people, they suggested us to go to the Bora Bazaar street near to CST.

We got the mobile repaired in some 20 minutes and asked the guy to suggest us some good restaurant. He said go to “Pancham”, its good. I wanted to have some non veg and I told my friend to have her lunch at the Pancham restaurant and then to accompany me at a non veg restaurant.

Our Order :

Deluxe Thali ( that came with 4 Sabjis, 4 Masala Puris,Kadi, Rice, Sweet, Papad and Raita) Rs 100/-

Chhole Bhatura  Rs 70/-

Kheer ~ Rs 25/- (Half)


My friend ordered a Delux Thali.I tasted the poori and could resist ordering something for myself. So I added a chhole Bhature and Kheer to the Order.

It was a delicious Indian meal and we enjoyed every bit of it. Make sure to try the special Puri’s here which is the speciality of the restaurant. It is a small one floored place which is often crowded during weekends.The food is served on steel plates. It becomes a little congested, as there are less seats and more people. But all that is good considering the taste.

More than a 100 year old, the restaurant was started by …..when he came to Mumbai and started selling Poori-Bhaji.


Food *****

Ambience ***

Location ***

15 thoughts on “100 year old restaurant “Pancham Pooriwala” – in Mumbai

  1. I first saw this place in a show on NDTV GoodTimes. Funny that you get introduced to a place in your locality by means of a TV show! I went there last week and even though the food was excellent, the place did put me off a bit. Maybe cos I went there at the wrong time(it was pretty crowded and the waiters made 3 of us sit on a seat for 2). If only they could set it up in a bigger place, it ‘d be awesome! But then maybe it won’t have the same charm! 🙂

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    1. Exactly, its a very old place so better be like that.
      Ya I understand it happens. We dont know many things about our own city. The puris are worth a visit, no doubt.
      I go there whenever I am in Mumbai.

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