Roadtrip with Sibling? Watch out TVF Tripling!




What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Road trip” ?

How about taking a road trip with your siblings?




I just watched the Tripling series and could not stop myself basking about it before the final episode is actually out.

The latest series of TVF is a story about three siblings  Chandan, Chanchal and Chitwan ( yes you read that correct) It seems like their parents were addicted to the Old Hindi song,” Chandan saa badan chanchal chitawan,Dheere se teraa ye musakaanaa”.

They get together on a situational road trip. A fun filled series with drama, emotions, suspense, and comedy is a great entertaining watch The characters Chandan, Chanchal and Chitwan are played by Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar respectively.


Chandan played by Sumeet Vyas aka Mikesh of from Permanent Roommates, is the eldest and returns to India from America, just after his divorce. He has lost his Job and is going through a low patch. He returns to India to spent time with his family to come out of the bad phase.





Chanchal, played by Maanvi Gagroo, is married to a Rajput prince, and stays in a palace at Jodhpur.  She is a modern, full of life woman, trying to match up to people’s expectations as the prince’s wife.





Chitvan, is the youngest played by Amol Parashar, is a DJ at a Delhi Club. He is living alone since last many years and enjoying his independent life.




Story: The drama starts when Chandan returns to India after his divorce, and decides to visit his younger brother who is a DJ at Delhi. They both then start on a Road trip to meet their sister who lives in Jodhpur and is married to a Prince. The series of conversations and events during the trip between the brothers is quite humorous and very much liked by the youth once again like the previous series of TVF.

What happens when the three of them come together after years which becomes a road trip of Siblings?

It is definitely an amazing watch and I have till now already watched the episodes numerous times.  All the three main characters have done fantastic job but my most favourite character is that of “Chandan” played by Sumeet Vyas.

The story is emotional and entertaining, shows how three siblings who grew up together have not been aware of each other’s lives lately. The bond which was missing since years is clearly visible when they come together. They are on a road trip to meet their parents after facing some unexpected situations on the way.

The four episodes have been released by TVF and you can watch them online as well as on tvfplay. The final and the last episode will be posted on 2nd October.

Watch the first episode here.


About TVF : The Viral Fever also popularly abbreviated TVF is an online digital entertainment channel. There previous web series Permanent Roommates and Pitchers gained massive popularity from the young generation.

14 thoughts on “Roadtrip with Sibling? Watch out TVF Tripling!

  1. Haha not sure I could survive more than five days max with my siblibgs. Love ’em but yeah.

    Show is great though.



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