How to Book IRCTC Retiring Rooms

Ever heard of IRCTC Retiring Rooms?

I am sure many are not familiar with these service yet. It was during one of my Mumbai visit, when I was waiting at the CST Railway station and needed a room for couple of hours, I got to know  after making some inquiries that some lodging facilities was available at the Station. We booked it for just 150/rs for 12 hours and to our surprise it was an AC Dormitory, well maintained and very clean. In the month of January, the AC was little difficult to handle, but we had a great sleep that night. Next day early morning, we left to join a trek near Mumbai.



What are these Retiring Rooms? Railways Retiring Rooms are rooms which are available on Railway Stations across India, They are available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of occupancy with AC and Non AC combination.

For how much duration can I book these rooms for? These rooms can be booked for maximum 48 hours.

Who can Book? Anyone who has got a reserved railway ticket can book these retiring Rooms with the help of PNR Number.

How can I book them? These rooms can be booked online from this link 

Can I book it if I have a Waiting List Ticket? No

Can I cancel my Booking ? Yes

Do every railway station have these facility? No these are currently only at the major railway stations.

For more information, check here

Once you login to IRCTC website click on Accomodation–>Retiring Rooms


Enter your PNR Number. You will have the option to choose the Retiring rooms either at the Source Station or Destination Station.



I have stayed at the Dormitories and it was a good experience. It was an AC Dormitory in CST Mumbai,quite  well maintained and equipped. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

They give away thin Bedsheet like blanket. If you are going in winters, better carry your own. There are small lockers available to keep your belongings, but you need to carry your locks. Huge backpacks or suitcases need to be kept outside. Make sure to lock all your belongings/suitcases/bags when you go outside.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding the Retiring Rooms, I would be happy to help.

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11 thoughts on “How to Book IRCTC Retiring Rooms

  1. I can not book the railway retiring rooms online. For international cards (I am a non-resident Indian so no other option for us), the site says “use RazorPay” but after entering the card details, RazorPay says “International cards not allowed”. No idea how to get around this problem.


  2. I got a booking at an NJP retiring room for me and my wife from 20:00 of the night before we leave for Darjeeling using the NJP-Darjeeling passenger.

    However, my train (Shatabdi) which I have subsequently boooked arrives the previous night only at 22:30. Since the reservation for the retiring room does not involve this train, will the booking still be valid since i am coming a full two and a half hours after my booking begins. The reservation says that they will cancel the reservation one hour after the train arrives but note that the reservation is only seeing my train for the next morning’s journey.


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