Sculpture Musuem at Mahabalipuram

Sometimes walking on the streets takes you to interesting places. The reason why I prefer to walking when exploring a new place.

This was my first time in Tamil Nadu, to be specific, South India. After returning from Pondicherry, I took a half day trip to Mahab, thats what most of the locals call it.

It was a hot day in Mahabalipuram. After checking out the caves , I decided to walk around a bit. That’s when I got into this deserted looking Sculpture Musuem. There was nobody in the Ticket Counter, and I got in. The guy at the ticket counter was sitting inside under the shade, reading some books. I asked him if people come here, he said not many.


I was also surprised to find that none of the blogs I read about Mahabalipuram included a visit to this Musuem. It is a small musuem, but I found the sculpltures quite interesting and colorful.

One could easily make out that the Musuem was not taken care of or maintained properly. Small bushes grew here and there. Many of the sculptures were fading and kept in the corners.

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Mahabalipuram is believed to have served as a school for young sculptors. The different sculptures, some half finished, may have been examples of different styles of architecture, probably demonstrated by instructors and practiced on by young students. The carving at Mahabalipuram must have required hundreds of highly skilled sculptors.(Wiki)

There are several art and sculpture shops in the streets which you may like to check out.

Some of the major atractions in Mahab are:

  1. Shore Temple
  2. Five Rathas
  3. Arjuna’s Penance
  4. Tiger’s Caves
  5. Beach

Mahabalipuram also known as Mamallapuram, is a town in the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu, around 60 kms far from Chennai. If you are a art and history lover, it is worth making a trip. It is located on the way to five Rathas Temple.

Address: No. 32, Five Rathas Road, E Raja St, Mahabalipuram










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