A heart wrenching story of love, betrayal and friendship – “The Kite Runner”

Nothing ever did that I read, touched me this deeply enough, and made me wish, If I could do something to change a part in the story. The tale is so strongly narrated, at some time I believed, it was happening for real.

A shattering story focusing on friendship and describing the human experiences : shame, love, guilt, regret, friendship, forgiveness and penance in a way that cannot be dis-remembered for a long time.


“The Kite Runner” is story of two boys, Ali and Hassan, growing up together, who are from
complete different backgrounds. The narrator presents himself as the main character “Ali” and describes the story that occurs in a span of some 30 years. The story also describes the strong relationship between Ali and his Father, who is successful merchant and a well known man in Kabul.

Ali belongs to a very well known family in Kabul, Afghanistan, his father a very respected man and Hassan, is the son of Hazara (an impoverished caste) who works for Ali’s family. The story revolves around the relationship of the two boys, who grow up together, play together, read books and watch movies. It is during that evening of Kite Flying festival, which is hugely celebrated in Afghanistan, in the year 1975, something terrible happens and things change between the boys forever.

The story advances with Taliban’s attack over Afghanistan, how Ali’s and Hassan’s families separate, and later Ali moving and settling in USA with his father.

After several years; One day Ali decides to return to Afghanistan, still under Taliban Rule to find the one thing that his new world cannot grant him ~ “Redemption”.

  • What wrong did Ali do?
  • What happens to Hassan and his family?
  • Do Hassan and Ali ever meet again?

    For youa thousand times over – this line from the book keeps coming to my mind repeatedly, and fills my soul with sadness. It definitely made me go back and think of all that not so kind acts I would have done to the nice people around me. We can become powerful, rich, successful, famous, but none of them can help us set ourselves free for the wrong things we did in the past.

    The narrator’s way of describing the story is touching and kept me grueling to reach the end, very much hoping to find a happy ending.


    About the Writer : “The Kite Runner” is Khaled Hosseini’s first novel which was published in 2003. He has born in Kabul, and moved to USA in 1980 at the age of 11.

    A motion picture was adapted from “The Kite Runner”, which premiered in the year 2007, and also won several awards. A graphic novel was also published in the year 2011. It became the New York best seller in the year 2005, and remained at that position for the next two years.

    His other international bestsellers are “The mountains echoed” and “A Thousand splendid sins”.


    33 thoughts on “A heart wrenching story of love, betrayal and friendship – “The Kite Runner”

    1. I read this book for the first time several years ago. Then I saw the movie. Finally, earlier this year I read it again for the small book club to which I belong. I agree with you. It is one of those rare books that stay with you forever. Not only does it provide an insight into another culture, it calls into question the way we so often pre-judge people. Ali and Hassan are inseparable as children but Ali lacks the courage to defend Hassan when he is attacked by a crowd of racist thugs. As he seeks to atone for this he discovers things about his family that surprise him and teach him that “doing the right thing”, even when instinct tells you not to, has the best reward.

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      1. I am glad I read it now.
        At times we unintentionally do things, which hurt people and later we repent about it. But atonement isnt so easy, Its hard. Sometimes we are a little late to understand “that right thing” which requires our action. Like in Ali’s case.
        It has taught me to be nice to all the people who care.
        I hope this stays forever.


    2. Indeed it is a wonderful book, in fact all his books are great .Hosseini writes to enthral his readers . Your review does justice to the novel .Thank you for reviving the tale read long ago.

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