For the love of Blue – “Jodhpur”

Jodhpur, is one of the most loved cities in the state of Rajasthan. One reason being, of course, the rich Rajasthani culture it offers. It for sure also endeavors the true color of India in the most refined form. Although every part of India is indifferent to each other in terms of culture, language, food, dialect and each place has its own charm; Rajasthan remains to be one of the most favorite state of the Indians as well as international tourists.

I was able to run to Jodhpur over the new year weekend (31st Dec 16-1st Jan 17). No doubt it was thronged with tourists and all sorts of. The Umed Bhavan Palace, Mehrangarh Fort, restaurants, cafes every place was jammed with people, that I did not like much. But Jodhpur during the winters has great weather and I am sure, I would have got something similar had I made any other weekend.

I had only one picture of Jodhpur back in my mind as  – The Blue City and  I wasn’t disappointed at all from what I got to see.


To witness the blue part of the city, run into the streets just below the Fort area where most of the houses are painted blue in color.

To be able to have more of these blue streets, We chose a guest house just in the middle of the Old City which turned out to be the better decision as compared to making it to Jodhpur during the new years eve which otherwise was not one. Our guest house, Amar Nivas was a spot on, located in the Navchowkiya street. The building is more than 500 years old heritage home stay like guest house run by a middle aged couple. The terrace was the first place we ran to, once we reached and trust me it was the best sight. With an easy view of the fort, we had some Chai and then started for our heritage-walk.

The narrow lanes, the blue colored walls gave us a true Jodhpur visual treat. Though we went to check out the Umed Bhavan Palace, Mehrangarh fort and other tourist spots of the city, nothing was more contented than running around in those blue streets.

I was accompanied by two more, a friend from Surat and my sister. The three of us had no destination in mind and just kept on walking everywhere, anywhere, stopping over some old houses, sometimes the doors fascinated us, other times the locals.

One of them asked us, Where you girls from?

“Gujarat” – I said.

“Okay Narendra Modi’s place”

“Yeah Right”

“A lot of Gujaratis come here”

“I am not a Gujarati but”

We had more such similar conversation with the locals and then moved on to explore the delicious local food. Mava Jalebis, Kachoris, Dal- Bati, Gatti ki sabzi, lassi and more – Do not miss.

After coming back, I was intrigued to find that why are the houses painted blue or used to be painted blue. Doing a quick check on the internet, one could find that the reason being, in summers, blue paint keeps the house cool from inside against the scorching heat and  Jodhpur is known as Sun city too.

But there are many stories floating around the internet, and as till now none of the reason has been authenticated, it’s difficult to make out what could have been the actual reason. Reading through Happytrips, I was able to find out that the Blue color is associated with the brahmins and those blue houses belong to those brahmin caste families. There is also a termite story being discussed here. When numerous properties were damaged due to the rise in termites, people started adding copper sulfate to the white wash to keep them away.

Nevertheless, of all the stories, you will believe one of them to be true and hoping these streets do not become extinct in the coming days.

Two days of street wandering gave me so much exertion that every part of my body ached from head to toe. But I had a great sleep while returning back home in bus.

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Faces from Jodhpur

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45 thoughts on “For the love of Blue – “Jodhpur”

  1. extraordinary; I can’t think of a place with so much of one colour (well apart from a few with just boring concrete). Terracotta roofs (like Dubrovnik maybe but that’s not really the same). Wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I cannot wait. Truly it is on the list when I have time and money. I know I’ll need at least 3 months. At least I can pretty much guarantee to get in a game of cricket while I’m there!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. haha, yeah correct. Its just so huge,.I dont know how much time one may need actually.
        Cricket crazy this nation is, so for sure you should do that.
        I hope you make it soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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