A stunning story of Hope and Faith – “Lion”

Every night I imagine that I am walking that street side and I make every single step, a way.

And I whisper in her ear- I am here.

I did watch the trailer of “LION” a few months back and found it to be a Stunner. Dev Patel looked breathtaking, and I really was looking forward to finding how amazing he must be in the film. Once it was released, I did read some great reviews but added it to my want-to-watch movie list. But soon after the Oscar nominations were announced on January 27th with ‘LION’ bagging 6 nominations, I did not want to procrastinate watching it any further.


Lion is a real story of a young Indian guy Saroo Brierley in his 20’s who gets separated from his family when he was just five. Twenty years later he makes his way from Australia to search them back in India. It is based on the Non-fiction book “A long way home” written by Luke Davis.

Saroo and his elder brother Duggu start from there home to look out for some work. Duggu leaves Saroo at a railway station and tells him he would return the next day. When he doesn’t return, Saroo starts looking for him and gets into a train where he falls asleep. On waking up he finds the train is moving with no one on board. He reaches Calcutta and after going through some adverse situations finally finds himself a place in an orphanage from where he is sent to a couple in Australia who adopts him.

The first half shows the life of “Saroo” as a 5-year-old in a village of Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh, India. Sunny Pawar who plays the child “Saroo” is definitely going to blow your mind out with his captivating performance. I liked the introductory scene of Saroo which is also the first scene of the film.The talented 8-year-old boy, whose Lion is the first as an actor has been very impressive throughout. The first hour of the film completely captivates on his performance.


20 years later, Saroo moves to Melbourne for his higher studies in Hotel Management when one evening while enjoying a light evening with few of his Indian friends, he opens up to them about being a lost adopted child. They suggest him to search them using Google earth which was just being launched then. Nicole Kidman plays Saroo’s mother who has done a creditable job. Though Saroo has great supportive parents and finds love in girlfriend, a fellow student, played by Rooney Mara. He completely feels isolated recalling his separation from his Indian family. His relationship with girlfriend starts soaring up. Meanwhile, One day while doing his methodical search on Google earth, he is able to spot his village.

Lion is Director Garth Davis’s first movie and no doubt a remarkable one, enough to melt down any viewer’s heart. An emotional story of hope, faith, and search, it is able to hold you until the end. Music by Hauschka and Dustine O’Halloran is very soothing and my personal favorite in the movie, also nominated for Oscar’s Original Score.

Check out the amazing track here.

The cinematography is gorgeous and few scenes shot in Australia look wonderful.

I was very eager to find out as the story began, as to why it was called “LION”. Till half time none of character or situation was close to being called with that name and it went on like that until the end. But one can only find that out at the end, which was one revelation. I am not going to be a spoiler here. You better find out yourself.

Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar and Saroo Brierly

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