About thoughts and Freedom : Who is a Free Thinker?

I remember while at school when teachers used to ask everyone, “What you want to become when you grow up?”, I used to get confused and end up answering something new every time I was asked that. A doctor, a teacher, a Lawyer, a journalist; I never bothered to become one of that. Now, years later, I don’t regret much missing out on becoming anyone of those.

I was always a confused child. But one thing I always wanted to be was, an independent person. A lot of credit goes to my Mom who always engraved these thoughts into my head. So, if I need to explain a little here: My parents had a love marriage, without getting consent from dad’s family and my Mom was just 16 when she got married. Apart from the slaps and beatings that I got from her, the only thing I remember is that she always regretted to have left her study to marry. She used to be very receptive that she made a mistake (giving up her study for marriage) that cost her, her independence and ability to match up with everyone around.

I always used to ponder over my breaking out of that adolescence age and start living the way I want to. Meanwhile, I was surrounded by a lot of people who would stereotype everything by language, religion, caste, culture or place; which I never understood. My parents having different roots was some great help as they never promoted any language, caste, the culture at home. I am a Bengali (native to the region of Bengal in South Asia, which is presently divided between Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal) brought up in Gujarat (a state in the western India), studied in a Christian School, and grew up with Tamilians (belong to the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu) . But none of it defines me, I would say.

Looking around now, even today, I see people promoting themselves proudly in regards to language, culture or some particular creed. I am still confused and fall out from everyone when people typecast others, things without any hardcore logic.

But I feel contended to have become what I wanted to or at least I think so: A highly independent person and a free-thinker.

But who is a free-thinker?

A person who thinks freely or independently: one who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority; especially: one who rejects or is skeptical of religious dogma.

The definition above is good enough to make me dig it more. To most of where I read it, there was some religious connect to it. And then I try to think of my own views about religion. Well, I am not against any religious views, but I won’t propagate it either. Also, a free thinker is very often deemed as an atheist, but I don’t concur with that opinion. How can someone’s idea about God or Religion be quoted to be as free thinking or narrow- mindedness?

I do think these people would be always up there to question anything that is presented to them either institutional, sociological or psychological to find some logic into it. But that also doesn’t mean that they are obstinate enough to accept any such ideas.

While researching, I found below and this is exactly my idea of free thinking –

Intelligent freethought implies a willingness to entertain and explore all possibilities, whether logical or illogical, reasonable or unreasonable, empirical or supernatural.

I enjoyed reading what Jon Rappoport is trying to say in his article:-

People will do the right thing because their upgraded brains tell them to. They would never think of their own desires, but instead, would “serve the greater need of all.” Whatever opposes the so-called Agenda-Values of such people around is called a “mental disorder”.

And behind all the elite covert ops on the planet that induce violence and chaos, there is one intent: convince the population that humans are too dangerous to be allowed to live free.

They must be “adjusted”.

While I see different traits in different people which I would like to summarize here, those makes someone a free-thinker, if I at all have a say.

Perspective “Free thinking” demands to understand different viewpoints. These people are able to look at the courtyard of life from different windows, where each view to them is new and resourceful. They like to understand everyone’s take and try hard to put themselves in other’s shoes.

Group thinking is not what they will conclude with. When certain ideas and beliefs are strongly praised or promoted, they won’t follow or believe just because most of the people do. They will challenge it quite boldly and question them to find logic even if they are the odd man out.

Observance They are the ones who like to observe everyone around them. It makes them feel wiser about themselves as it gives them a fair idea about people and the world around them. And why not?

Self Centered They like to do their own things, most of the time. Even all that observing and watching that they tend to do, is all for themselves. Because they like to collect opinions, reasoning to form their own views. More often that self-centeredness is being misjudged as selfishness. But do not write them off as “stoic”.

Freedom  They take pride in their essence of “independence” that they carry with them wherever they go.  That freedom is predominant to them and anyone or anything that makes them feel trapped or controlled, they try to get away from it.

They are the ones who are always happy or at least appear to people, but deep down inside they are upset with all those mediocre and judgmental kind of thinking. They don’t care most of the times about how people live their lives, but they also get bothered, as to why can’t those people contribute to make the world a better place. They are happy with the choices they make and pretty most of the times it is their own.They can manage very well between the crowd, but they also enjoy their solitude. They fall out from many people around them, in fact, most of them which make them hard and strong. They are normal people but different in a sense.  They are the “nonconformist” people. They don’t boast about their being “wild or free spirit”, but other people come back and tell them.

“A free spirit or a free thinker is not bound by this, that, matter, materialism or opinion. They sing, dance and flow in the wind – for they are at one with it. They are nothing and everything – void and expanse. Even space and time does not confine or define them. For they are pure energy itself.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru


I like the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the character of Holly is one of my favorite fictional “wild spirited” characters of all that I ever watched or read.


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22 thoughts on “About thoughts and Freedom : Who is a Free Thinker?

  1. We are self styled independent thinkers. There is a religious element in our lives if one calls it that. A central belief in a benevolent being. But we stop short of being religious observants. It is what’s in one’s heart and mind that is more important than outward displays. Perhaps we too are ‘free thinkers’…or perhaps are just ‘religion free’.

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  2. There is always the hope and dream of being free, everyone feels it and it is a powerful emotion that brings change. It is finding this in every area of life and, for me, there are the good days and not so good 🙂 But every now and then a little revolution within ourselves is necessary – it allows us to never forget we can only achieve our potential by embracing freedom.

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  3. We can never be entirely free but will always be, in part, a product of our genetics and upbringing. If I had been natured in a different age or country I would not be the same me even in spite of my genetics. It’s summed up nicely; we are children of time and place.
    There are some neuroscientists who believe free will is an illusion along with concept of Self.

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