The French corner of India – Pondicherry

I was headed to Tamil Nadu and I was super zipped up, as it was my first time to South India.

I had a list of places, but not much time. It is a hard task to chose from states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala.

I decided to start with Tamil Nadu as the state often kept on intriguing me with the diversity of tradition and culture that it offers.


After spending a day in Chennai, I escaped to Pondicherry the next day. The reason Pondicherry is known as the French capital of India because it was under French rule until 1954. The old part of Pondy, that people lovingly call it as still resembles the French colonial style houses, clean streets. You may still find people speaking French there and riding away on their bicycles. Middle aged working ladies dressed up in those French styled gowns is a common sight.

When in Pondicherry, run to the Rock beach for a morning walk, enjoy the French colonies by walking around the old city part, visit the Aurobindo Ashram, escape into solitude and tranquility to Auroville. Try Scuba diving to enliven your adventure soul. Meet Lakshmi and take her blessings at the Manakula Vinayagar Temple.








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