“Personal Shopper” is spooky and enthralling!


Looking at the 2-minute trailer of the film, it first appeared to me like a ghost story. I am not a fan of Ghost stories, but after watching it, I can say it’s not like any other scary horror flick. You see Stewart as ‘Maureen’ – a young American Personal Shopper to a celebrity, living in Paris and moving around on her scooter wearing a Jacket and Jeans most of the time, buying the most expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry to fill her employer’s closet.


Maureen hates her job but she is waiting in Paris and trying to make contact with her twin brother, Lewis, who died recently of a heart attack — the result of a congenital defect that may one day also take her life.

The film begins with Kirsten getting inside the house where her brother lived, at the outskirts of Paris. She doesn’t look reluctant to encounter those weird and scary experiences. The deadly spirits, rattling chandeliers, thundering noise are freaky enough, but it’s not very clear whether the happenings are paranormal or mere visuals resulting from her psychological status.

Kirsten is desolated, aloof and you even see wrinkles under her eyes. The second major character in the Film is Kirsten’s iPhone who has got a good share in the story along with Stewart. You see her doing google checks on random art things, watching videos on Spiritualism and more interesting to follow later part of the film.

She speaks to her boyfriend twice on skype halfheartedly who lives in Muscat. She never meets Kyra’s(her employer) and talks to her via handwritten texts who appears on screen, not more than twice.We see her semi-nude when she is off from her not-so-gala Tshirt-jeans avatar and gets into Kyra’s glittering array.




The spooky plot turns thrilling when she starts receiving texts from an anonymous person appearing to be a stalker. Series of conversions and her loneliness makes that texter her next best friend. Is Lewis’s sending those texts? or someone else? Who is that person? You need to wait until the end to find out if the questions are answered.

I personally had a hard time understanding the climax of this film and I had to read various articles and blogs that explained their own theories of the what the ending could be. However, Kirsten and Assayas’ are successful in captivating the audience with this psychological-horror thriller. There is murder, emotions, loneliness, fear- all brilliantly brought alive by Kirsten Stewart. Can we say she is solo-riding the entire film? Hell yes!!




5 thoughts on ““Personal Shopper” is spooky and enthralling!

  1. Enjoyed your review!

    I loved this film, it was scary, moody and brilliantly acted. She has come a long way from the Twilight days (I could not stand her in that film series). I too read many online analyses of the film after watching it. There were some interesting debates of what the ending really meant. I made my own decision after reading all the different insights.

    I just saw the film Mother! – yikes – for that film you are better off reading the analyses first and then you will be able to enjoy the film (it makes so much more sense in the context of what it is an allegory about, otherwise it is a very traumatic film to watch).

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    1. I enjoyed reading the debates too and it only left me more confusing.

      Mother – I need to check it out. I dont think I can handle saddist movies easily. But I will check it out.
      Thanks much!

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