Gokarna – A tiny temple-beach town!

Gokarna is a small temple beach town along the south-west coast of Karnataka. I reached there on a busy weekend without any prior hotel booking expecting to get easy hostel accommodations. The bus driver dropped us (another friend along with me) at the bus point from where we took a rickshaw to reach a popular hostel.The hostel was full and couldn’t accommodate us. Being a little away from the main town we couldn’t find any rickshaw to get back so we had to walk back to town.


We took a small room for 600 Rs- close to the temple which was okay but good enough for us to sleep.

We unpacked and then figured out to see the things we could to do in Gokarna. If you have been there or planning to be, you probably know about Kudle beach, Om beach, and Paradise Beach. There are two more beaches these ones remain the popular ones.

Honestly, my two days of wandering in Gokarna didn’t bring me much of a satisfaction to the explorer inside me. Why? There’s not much to do in there other than beaches. If you are looking to just relax and explore the beaches, and not so keen to visit the Temples then I might recommend. For the wanderers like me who like to explore the streets, local food and get close to the culture and vibes of the place, I am afraid it is going to disappoint you.

However, I never come back regretting from a new place that I visit and every place I go I am always able to find some beauty in it.

Below are few pictures, that I have not edited for the sake of keeping them real.







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