The year that went – What I learnt !

So 2017 is a matter of past and we are into the 3rd month of 2018 already?
I vividly remember each and every day from last year, 1st of January or 31st December and all my travels and people I met or spoke with. No, I am definitely not basking about my very sharp memory skills ( which is not the case) but each day or occurrence feels like yesterday to me.
I sometimes wish I could make ‘Time’ move as per my will and just watch things happen slowly.
I did a close observance of the happenings in the year that went and thought of giving some words to those experiences to take some advantage of it, maybe.
1. People are people. They will come and go. But who and what is important. Keep a check on people around you. Do you like the way they live their life or think or talk? You need more people who you can appreciate and not the ones who drain you.
2. Your friends will be your friends forever. Always keep in touch with them, do what you can do for them. Be that kind of a friend you want to have for yourself.
3. Do not share your personal happenings with more people. If you are talking about your problems with many, more people are going to talk and ask you about it. Be as private as you can.
4. Sometimes you will make terrible mistakes in your life, in relationships or professional or anything else. Mark it as a learning point and NEVER repeat it again.
5. Relationships: You cannot make someone like you. Persuading someone or chasing someone is wasting time. Also, the best relationships begin with mutual liking.
6. People who want to be in your life will make efforts to do so and it is not very difficult to find out who they are.
7. Be sure of what your standards are. Do not let anyone challenge it.
8. Try to not take things personally. Laugh it out as much as possible, even on yourself. Your sense of humor is going to make you famous.
9. At the same time when you don’t like someone’s actions or behavior, make sure you let the other person know. Don’t take lot of SHIT.
10. No matter what, upbringing matters.
11. The definition of Success varies person to person, create your own.
12. Do not Shut Off too many people from your life. If somebody does not take you seriously, you do not have to take them too. Let Go or learn to let go.
13. People with unethical values will tell you so with their actions. Observe your people closely, Think and Act. Do not trust people easily.
14. Forgive people and be kind to everyone. Rank gratitude high as a trait for a human. It feels nice when someone walks up to you and says – ‘ You are a nice person.’
15. Your parents have sacrificed a lot for you, and most probably are doing it even now. Be nice to your parents.
16. Be Open – minded. What the heck is that? Don’t stereotype or typecast based on color, places, communities, gender etc. Do not judge anyone and try to be as free with your thoughts as possible ( It’s easy to write this shit I know, but try giving a damn to this Open-mindedness for your own good)
I have had a fulfilled year on the work front and personal too, but not a fantastic one. That is mostly because I don’t know what exactly is a fantastic life. I am pretty confused most of the time with how I want my life to shape up ( which is absolutely fine)
I have been to interesting places in India ( Jodhpur, Kolkata, Sikkim, Kerala, Karnataka) and also was able to visit Bhutan (World’s happiest country -) last year. I am looking forward to making memories in 2018 too, may or may not be a fantastic one!
Tiger’s Nest – Bhutan

11 thoughts on “The year that went – What I learnt !

  1. It is so very hard for me to believe the year is already 1/4 of the way over 🙂 I just felt as if I was coming to grips with all that 2017 brought, and now…

    I’m looking forward to your 2018 adventures, although I think your 2017 will be hard to beat. Of all the wonderful spots in India you took us to, I am most envious (in a very good way) of Bhutan… One day I hope to see and experience this place in person. I love the list of learnings you had for the year, reading through them I simply think it could be reduced to one sentence for people like you: “just be yourself” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Dalo, your words mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for reading me and letting me know what you think of it.
      Have a great fulfilled year ahead!


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