Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga, Things you should know!

So good to be writing here almost after a break of a year! I thought I should be getting back and start again with one of my travelogues that I went early this year. So where was I hiding and why I was not writing? Honestly, with so many details and content already available on the internet about almost anything and everything, my passion and determination went little lazy. But hey, every person is different and have different stories to tell, isn’t it? So here I go.

I visited Madhya Pradesh in January and went to this little abode of Shiva, known as Omkareshwar which happens to be the 4th Jyotirlinga. Omkareshwar is a small temple village and the temple is situated on an island that shapes like an Aum as said. It is ok the banks of river Narmada.

Below I have tried to put down my experiences to help anyone who is planning for a trip here:

1) I would advise taking our own Vehicle or a private Cab to reach here when traveling with family to save time. There also State and private buses easily available.

2) It is a really small place and once you are done with the Temple visit, you can leave to other places nearby that you have planned to.

3) There aren’t much stay options available here, also there is no need for. However, we did stay one night here and left for Ujjain next day.

4) I completely ran out of cash in Omkareshwar and both the ATMs were not functioning. However, we had some cash for buses and could reach Ujjain. Hardly would anyone accept cards for food/stay here. So please be Cash ready.

5) Mandu, Ujjain, Indore are other near places that can be included with Omkareshwar in your trip.

6 ) We had problems finding places to eat here too. We were staying close to the temple and there aren’t any good restaurants there. You will need to move little away for food which is not a walking distance. Rickshaws are easily available.

7) There is a small market here and you can explore to buy stuff related to Puja and sweets.

Note: I was traveling with Family and we used state/ Private buses for commuting between Indore/Omkareshwar and Ujjain. Other than the information that I already provided, if you need to know anything, do throw me questions.















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