Poems I wrote – Part 1


I just noticed one creeping planter

that grew in one corner of my garden.

Green as ever, fresh forever.

It went everywhere, anywhere it desired to.

Sometimes it seemed undirected,

at times every direction was its own.

And all the weed, bushes and unwanted

things that lingered around, did no harm.

What only mattered was, what nourishes it,

and what enriches it?

Everything else was neither good nor bad!




I was chasing an unknown path to seek

something that would bewilder me.

I wanted that light to fall on me,

hoping it would enlighten me.

I envisioned myself every day in becoming,

someone with a new way of seeing.

But it took some synergy of silence and

introspection to discover,

that everything I ever looked for

was right here inside me.




There are enormous thoughts

running inside my mind.

Clashing every second, each

one of them.

Becoming a gigantic storm of thoughts!

And just when I want to

scribble it out.

It’s all gone, and I have no words.

So much empty!

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