Now add your Coinbase Card with Google Pay & Apple Pay

Coinbase Global, Inc., or Coinbase, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in the United States. It is a platform for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

To make it even easier to pay crypto reception and on the move, it’s currently allowed users to use their Coinbase Card with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Customers can add Coinbase Card using the Google Pay app if they’re a Google Pay user. If they use Apple Pay, they may add their card from within the Coinbase app or via the Apple Wallet app.

Apple Pay is simple to set up on the iPhone: Open the Wallet app, tap Add, and then follow the steps to add your card. You’ll be able to link your card to Apple Pay as soon as you open the Coinbase app.

This feature allows users to use crypto in their everyday life.

History & Future

Ever since Bitcoin came into existence in 2009, the hype and disruption of it led to many crypto-startups. Coinbase is one of them, and the journey is self-explanatory as it got listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange early this year in April 2021.

Coinbase understands that it will not be able to construct a new economic system on its own. As a result, they are investing in new enterprises and assisting in the development of a new wave of crypto-native businesses. Many traditional businesses are flocking to the crypto world, much like they did with the internet. Most importantly, many are being built from the ground up in the crypto realm.

Smartphones are an important part of achieving that goal. Coinbase hopes to get all of those people to utilize cryptocurrencies now that billions of people can access the internet via their cellphones. It’s a long journey, but they’re on their way.

With the recent announcement by Elon Musk about Tesla being open to accepting bitcoin as payment, the future of Coinbase looks exciting.

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