“It’s not about the Bike”  by Lance Armstrong

Lance’s journey from a World Champion to a Cancer survivor!

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Meet the 16 year old Photo genius!!

I always get enthralled by people who put efforts in the area of their interests and make it their profession. How wonderful life can be if you get to do what you love and make a living out of it! I got to know about Martin Nittala while browsing through some website. This 16 year old’s passion for photography […]

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Live life Nomad size ! Hitesh Bhatt of “Project Go Native”

What I do when I am not traveling?? Follow other travelers!!  Yes, I do that when I am home, at work or doing anything but not traveling.  I have surrounded my virtual life with a bunch of travel maniacs who like to live life as a nomad, will go any extent to see new places, […]

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