So you like to play guitar; Music takes you away ?

Travelling, exploring, seeing places makes you feel better?

Cricket, Badminton, Chess or any other sports are you good at?

Have you been able to give time to anything that you liked doing?

Yes….?  No……?

Well, I always had a flair in writing in my school days, but soon after college and then Job, I got lost with the daily routine which killed all my passions and interests. The only thing I remember I did in the last 5 years was earning, watching movies, eating, sleeping, that’s all.

It was only from the beginning of 2015, when I started travelling a little more and meeting awesome people, which made me revive my writing passion and put my blog up 🙂

I don’t say you should leave everything behind and do what you like, but taking time out will definitely polish your skills and we all have heard this “Mastery comes with Practice”.

Need further motivation, read about these wonderful people who have made their careers out of their passion.

Kshitij Banker – RJ at Radio Mirchi, Vadodara

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