Kshitij Banker : Voice of Vadodara : #Followyourpassion

He talks, he talks and he talks, eh so what, anybody can do that , but he talks and it all makes sense which matters 😀

He sings, rocks the stage with his guitar, he is a tutor and thats not all.

If you are a Barodian, then you must have definitely heard of Kshitij’s Morning Show ( 7-11 am ) on Radio Mirchi and must have come across his witty #ZalimDuniya posts on Facebook.

Kshitij Banker, a popular RJ with Radio Mirchi, in Vadodara, with more than 8 years now, found his love in music right from his childhood.

You know why music is his first love because of all the work he does to chase his dreams.

Bands : He has founded various bands till now which he started doing right from his college days :Tathya, Raging Hormones, Rockerz Park and the BhaiBend.

VO Artist  : Apart from being an RJ, he is also a well known VO Artist of Vadodara.

Anchor : You must have definitely seen him anchoring the big shows and musical events in Vadodara.

Faculty : He founded his Music Academy known as ‘Applied Music Academy’ (AM/A) back on 2012, and also is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, MSU.

And after all this he also manages time for Theatre and Sports. Now I feel like saying “Ab bas, aur kitna” 😛

He is truly one of Vadodara’s youth Icon and people to follow, very well connected with his thousands of followers on all the Social networking sites. He was quick enough with a positive response when I asked him if he would let me write a post on him. I send him a list of questions and he replied me in his own style; by recording all the answers and then ended saying, “Sorry, I was too lazy to type”  🙂

My Questions and Kshitij’s answers:

  • We all know your love for music, but how did you turn up to be an RJ, tell us more please?

Kshitij : Well, It was not planned, just happened by chance. I knew there were interviews happening in the city, went for it and cleared the first two rounds. Within couple of weeks I had the offer letter in hand. I then also went to the MICA for a three weeks training. Once I joined Radio Mirchi, there was no looking back. It thrilled me, entertained me and I really enjoyed doing the show.

  • Suppose you get a Day Off, no RJing, no singing, no teaching then what would you do? How do you disconnect from people if at all you want to?

Kshitij : I don’t take an OFF and I don’t mind working seven days a week because I enjoy my work. My breaks would be spent by watching a movie, or spending time with Parents or relaxing at home.

My work demands me to be well connected with people, but as a person I am quite introvert and I take time to make friends with people. I am either friends with people or not friends and I do not believe in being “an acquaintance”. Disconnecting from people is very difficult for me. If at all I want to do that, I would rather just switch off my phone.

  • Anything else you want to do or achieve in the area of Music?

Kshitij : I have just started and there’s a lot I want to do. I will keep on performing, singing and be a musician for the rest of my life.

  • Any comments on the young generation of these days.

Kshitij These late teens or the early 20’s something generation make me feel like an old man which I am obviously not 🙂  I think they are more impatient these days which is good when they want to achieve something. The negative is, it makes them a rude person and they really don’t think what, where and when they are talking. Things have become really fickle these daysBut I am sure everything will change for the good, lets hope so.

  • Tell us in brief about your love for Vadodara.

Kshitij : When Mirchi was launched in Vadodara, they had a philosophy that we belong completely to the city. I grew up here and did my schooling here. I was in Ahmedabad for my college, but when I came back, I realized I hold a lot to this place. Vadodara is a fine mix of culture, heritage  and progress, there’s no doubt I love my city.

  • Your thoughts on why should we follow our Passion.

Kshitij : When you do something that you like, you really don’t see the time and efforts you are putting into it, you just do it because thats your passion. When you keep on doing it, you excel in it because you give everything to get the desired results.

  • You are still single; but why? What are you looking for exactly? I mean your dream girl ??  😀

Kshitij : Laughs….I am looking for a girl who can tolerate me, who can understand my crazy work pattern, my crazy time schedule. Someone who will understand that I want to create a name for myself and her and my future generation. More importantly I would want a girl who has a life of her own and who also wants to achieve something in life.

Are the girls reading??????  

Say Hi to Kshitij on Facebook

Check his Blog kshitijbanker.com


Listen to Kshitij’s Barfi Acoustic Cover

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