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Hola !  Thanks much for dropping over here. This is Polomi, call me Pols. If I have, to sum up in one line:“I am someone with zero talking skills, unsettled, pathetic observer, curious about almost everything, very straightforward, introvert, antisocial, last minute planner, and an explorer.”

From what I remember, most of the years I was not sure what my true passions were. The last 5-6 years, (this is 2015 when I put up my blog) only went on by juggling at my office desk and imagining all that I always wanted to do. But I have survived out of this very boring life (at least I think so) only because of my fantasies. My imaginations run a little too fast (Only a few lucky people get to know that…hehe). Before you may even know what’s cooking in my head, the hotchpotch was already ready.

Why this name “kitli-culture” ?

Kitli“is a Hindi word which means “teapot”. I picked this name “kitli-culture” just randomly, as I wanted to give an Indian flavor to my Blog. I am also a Chai (Tea) -Lover.

What will you find here? 

Anything and everything! I love to get close to nature; Mountains, forests, sunsets, sunrise, adventure. I am not a luxury traveler (Thank me later as you may save few bucks if you get to catch up with me on the road) a street-foodie, love to explore cultures, the streets. Sometimes I like to be part of festivals, that are hugely populous and sometimes I like the secluded places. I feel completely enamored of being near to the heritages, ghats, old temples, mosques/architectural wonders/monuments; and at times I find solace in the jungles. The “Solo” thing works sometimes, and at times I crave to be accompanied by the free-spirited souls. Everywhere, something that I never give a miss is to escape for the long early morning walks.

I am here to build a life I don’t need to escape from! – Rob Hill Sr.

Why not create our a life that feels good from inside??

Why not have some Chai 🙂 

Tell me anything you want to, drop me a “Hi”. Let’s talk!

Most of the times I am quick with responses, at least I think.

 Connect here: polomi.mondal@gmail.com or

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106 thoughts on “About me

  1. well Pols you followed me; I have a feeling London is cooler and damper than you are right now but since I know India to be a place of infinite variety even that’s maybe not the case. Thank you anyway for a dark and wintry London

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