“Two Directions” – A Movie based on true story by “Samerai Foundation” – A Step to bring Happiness

Two Directions: The Story

Two Directions is a Documentary by Ahmed Samerai based on a true story that takes you to the Slums of Kiberia in Nairobi which happens to be largest urban slum in Africa. The movie highlights the difficult life of the people of Kiberia that has no electricity or even clean running water. Majority of the people earn less than two dollars a day. Unemployment is high and children are deprived of basic necessities like education. Rapes, diseases are common and many people suffer from HIV.

Samerai Foundation, founded by Mr Samerai reaches Kiberia to bring to the world the onerous life that people residing here go through. Judy, a 15 year old girl is one of them who lives in Kiberia with her mother. Her mother earns a dollar a day by washing clothes in the nearby locality.

Judy is like any other normal girl who wants to live a happy life and enjoys singing. While talking to Sarah Samerai , Project Manager – Africa in the movie, we get to know that she gets upset or loses focus when asked about her family. She wants to meet her dad desperately. When the Samerai Foundation team tries to reach her dad, he refuses to talk and says he does not have any children.

Judy enjoys singing thoroughly and Samerai Foundation helps her chase her dreams by sponsoring her school, music and other training expenses. She trains hard and after months of training manages to get a singing audition. The best part, the foundation manages to bring Judy’s father to his daughter’s first singing performance.

Samerai foundation also tries to find out kids with passion of football to provide support to polish their skills as these kids could not afford to take any training program due to extreme poverty in Africa. The foundation brings smiles to these kids’ faces by supporting their football dreams. Tony and Juma are overjoyed to receive their favorite team’s t-shirt. They also receive one year of support from Samerai Foundation and Kanoute Football Academy.

Judy meets with an unfortunate accident and could not see much in her life. The young talented girl who gets little happiness in her short span of life because of Samerai foundation that works to bring smiles to kids like Judy, Juma and Tony. They have no reason of being deprived of a happy life or at least a life with the basic necessities just like any other kids of their age. The work Samerai foundation team does is priceless as nothing is more laudable than bringing jubilation in the lives of such kids.

About Samerai Foundation

Headed by Dr Ahmed Samerai, the aim of the foundation is simple: to help the disadvantaged in the areas of health, education and children.  The Samerai Foundation has already supported many initiatives around the world, and abides by a single firm principle when reviewing and recommending proposals:

“Do not look at the race or the religion of the beneficiary – just the need. People are equal, they all have one heart and two eyes, so if you reach out to those in need, they will look back to you with warmth and love, regardless of where they are from.”

The Samerai Foundation has also sponsored Larry King’s ‘Save Our Gulf’ campaign and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights.

One of the most heartening projects the Samerai Foundation elaborated with, in 2014, was the “One Yellow Bike” initiative. Inspired by a young girl living in Dubai, who donated her bicycle to help communities in Uganda, the Samerai Foundation and the Ben Stiller Foundation teamed up to promote awareness of the situation in the East African state by filming a short documentary of the journey of “One Yellow Bike”, from its donor in Dubai to a community in Abim. 1,500 bicycles were donated, providing communities with access to simple yet effective transportation. One immediate benefit being that it allows children to traverse greater distances more quickly, in order to be able to attend school.

                                           Click here to Watch “The Story of One Yellow Bike

About Dr. Ahmed Samerai

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Mr. Samerai is an entrepreneur based in Dubai, Chairman of The SAHARA Group, an investment firm.  An Iraqi, who migrated to Dubai in the year 1996, set the foundation of this holding company that operates numerous sectors including real estate, advisory, public relations and hospitality.

He also heads the Sahara Communications, which is a part of The Sahara Group, established in the year 2002. It has grown extremely fast as one of the top PR Firms in the Middle east.

Dr. Samerai is chairman of Hugo Plaza , one of the most luxurious furnished penthouses in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai. He is also a Board member for the Al Mamzer investment firm.

In addition to his role at SAHARA, he sits on the Boards of several companies, including Tanmiyat Partners (part of the Saudi Tanmiyat Group) and Ajman Marina, the US$2 billion JV with the Ajman Government in the emirate of Ajman, UAE.

He is the largest single contributor towards the Friends of Cancer Patients non-profit organization with US$400,000 in contribution.

In an Interview to Gulf Business he says”: “You need to have a dream not only is it free and easy to dream, but it will naturally lead you to create a notion of how things can be really beautiful. The second most important ingredient for success is setting a target. One should always wake up to achieve a target and reach the next station or level in life.”

A philanthropist, a businessman, a sports enthusiast, an author, a filmmaker – Mr Samerai keeps on switching from one project to another, but never actually stops working. He has many goals for future in different areas like Movie making, Real estate etc and wants to work for the good of humanity.